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peace run records

Andrea Kirwin is now offering one on one mentoring/singing/songwriting sessions for aspiring singer/songwriters who would like to learn how to earn money from their music. She draws on her personal experiences over the past 11 years in the music industry and will tailor the session to each individuals needs and can cover any of the following topics;

- Song ideas

- Story Telling

- Timing

- Melodies

- Harmonies

- Use of Rhythm

- Rhyming and Alliteration

- Working with different instruments

- Training your musical ear

- Singing techniques

- Performance techniques

- Microphone techniques

- Confidence building

- How to jam/freestyle

- How to manage stage anxiety

- Practice, repetition and being ‘Gig fit’

- How to form set lists

- Working within a band

- Music industry information

- Australian Performers Rights Association info

- How to write, record and release your own music

- Dealing with writer’s block

- Breaking down barriers to creative expression

- How to reach your songwriting potential

- Self-care and creative rituals to boost creativity

- Venue contacts for touring, open mic nights and events

For more information and prices please send an email to

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