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Andrea Kirwin

“Andrea Kirwin has a rare voice that runs deep....deep enough to carry you back to an era where the way an artist delivered their message was everything.” - LIOR
"When I heard Andrea I was totally excited to hear such a competent, unique and exciting new songwriter. It is one of the joys of being a musician, traveling the globe and hearing exciting music that I wouldn’t have found at home, yet it is a rare joy. I find there are many competent yet mediocre musicians out there and Andrea was way above anything I had heard for a long long time."
                             - KRISTINA OLSEN

Andrea Kirwin is an Australian/Fijian Soul Artist and Producer based in Nambour on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. Releasing music under her own independent Record Label Peace Run Records since 2013, Andrea responded to the Covid pandemic by opening up a shopfront during Covid and now performs full time and also offers music industry mentoring, songwriting sessions and boutique live and livestream events from Queen St in Nambour.


In May 2021, Andrea released her 5th Album, 'Bloom', with her 13 piece band, The Yama-Nui Social Club. The album is inspired by Andrea's love of her Fiance and partner of 13 years Claire, and is dedicated to her. Born out of a time when the live music scene had all but died, the concept behind the record was a call to resilience, and was partly funded thanks to Andrea's Patreon family, who also sang on the album on 'We Shall Overcome' and appear in the music video as well. Andrea has released 'Bloom' on Vinyl, cd and digital downloads and is available on all Streaming Platforms worldwide.


Andrea is a strong advocate for independence in the Music industry and has self produced her latest album and her previous albums - 'From the Ground Up', (2013), 'The Story of Us', (2015), 'A Quiet Revolution', (2017) and her collaborative children's album, 'Songs for our Little Friends', with Nyssa Ray (2020), which won best Children's song at this year's Queensland Music Awards in 2021.


Andrea is currently taking part in a Sounds Australia Music Export Program, Global Music Match, a three month International program that consists of 78 Artists from around the world who are mentored by International Festival programmers and music industry representatives while collaborating and creating content and promoting each other to their audiences. Andrea is one of thirteen Australian artists and you can find out more by visiting;


In the coming months, Andrea will be touring her new album around QLD, and will look to tour more broadly in 2022.. You can find more info at www.peacerunrecords.com and follow on the socials, and be sure to check out the Music shop for merch! 


Career Highlights

Programmed the Live and Local Festival, Sunshine Coast (2021)

Programmed Nambour Forecourt Live (2021) 

Chosen to represent Australia as part of the Global Music Match (2021)

Emerging Curator role with Creative Arts Alliance and RASN network (2021)

Women in Music Mentorship Mentor for Apra Amcos (2021)

Winner of QMusic Award with Nyssa Ray for Children's song of the year (2021)


Sunshine Sounds Tour with Katie Noonan and Louise King (2020)

Ukulele Intensive Workshop facilitator, Woodford Folk Festival Bushtime (2020)

Opened up Peace Run Records shopfront in Nambour during Covid (2020)

Carol Lloyd award finalist (2019)

Cole Clark Guitars Endorsement (2017)

Representing multicultural Artists from QLD at Bigsound QLD (2016)

Receiving a Regional Arts Development Fund ($6000) grant to help

4 songs from 'The Story of Us', highly commended in the

Queensland Music Awards, 2016

3 East Coast Australian Tours

The Andi and George Band in 2007 - 2009 

2 x East Coast Tours in 2008 around the Australian Folk Festival Circuit 


Horizon Festival (QLD)

Regional Flavours Festival (QLD)

Festival of Water (QLD)

Noosa Eat and Drink Festival (QLD)

Melt Queer Festival (QLD)

Sunshine Sounds Festival (QLD)

Sunshine Coast Mardigras (QLD)


Bushtime, Woodford Folk Festival (QLD) 

Blooms and Tunes, Brisbane (QLD)

Bushtime, Woodford Folk Festival (QLD)


Noosa Food and Wine Festival (QLD)

Horizon Festival (QLD)

Space Girls (QLD)

Brisbane Festival (QLD)

Booin Gari (QLD)

Fibre Arts Festival (QLD)

Pride Festival Sunshine Coast (QLD)

Regional Flavours Festival (QLD)

Pomona Music Festival (QLD)




Artisan Weekend Songwriting Facilitator, Woodford Folk Festival (QLD)

Noosa Food and Wine Festival (QLD)

Noosa Festival of Water (QLD)

Bay of Islands Jazz and Blues Festival (NZ)

Brisbane Festival (QLD)



National Multicultural Festival (ACT)

Fairbridge Folk Festival (WA)

Wintermoon (QLD)

Palm Creek Folk Festival (QLD)

Echuca Winterblues Festival (VIC)

Sunshine Coast International Readers and Writers Festival (QLD)

Horizon Festival - Dawn awakening (QLD)

Caloundra Music Festival (QLD) *With Thump and Bearfoot

Island Vibe Festival (NSW)





Valley Fiesta (QLD)

West End Festival (QLD)

Horizon Festival (QLD) 

Maleny Music Festival (QLD) 

Four Winds Festival (NSW) 

Majors Creek Folk Festival (NSW) 

Quandamooka Festival (QLD)

Bigsound Music Expo (QLD) 

International Readers and Writers Festival (QLD)


Brief Performace History

Homegrown Workshop
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