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Global Music Match
Class of 2021!

Andrea is currently taking part in the Global Music Match thanks to Sounds Australia and other international export bodies around the world. This collaborative program encompasses 76 independent Artists from around the world and groups them with a Festival programmer from an International Festival. Over the three months the artists are mentored by the Festival programmer to create content and share with each other's social media followers. 

Throughout the whole process, each artist gains skills in collaborating on each others songs as well as promotion over various platforms and content creation support. Over the three months each team allocates a two week feature timeline for each artist to be promoted in the various countries of their team mates.

The outcomes are varied and diverse, however last year's participants have seen a sharp rise in their social media followers, performances as various Festivals due to their music being discovered by Festival programmers through the project as well as planned tours with artists from their groups once travel opens up.

Below is a show reel of Content that Andrea has specifically created for Global Music Match to promote her team members;


Fanfara Station (ITALY)

Lena Jonsson Trio (SWEDEN)

Eliza Marshall (ENGLAND)

Stephen Fearing (CANADA)

Windborne (USA)